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IPTV-Player.com is a free IPTV player for Windows that allows you to watch IPTV streams. It supports m3u playlists, has a built-in EPG, and offers features like recording, timeshifting, series support, and more.

What is IPTV-Player.com?

IPTV-Player.com is a free IPTV media player for Windows that makes it easy to watch IPTV streams on your computer. It supports the most popular IPTV formats including M3U and XSPF playlist formats. Some of the standout features of IPTV-Player.com include:

  • Support for live streaming and video on demand (VOD)
  • Electronic program guide (EPG) with current and upcoming programs
  • Recording of live streams with timeshift functionality
  • Series recordings so you never miss episodes of your favorite shows
  • Support for external players like VLC media player
  • Ability to automatically match streams to a channel list
  • Wide format and codec support including H.264, MPEG-TS, RTMP streams and more

With its intuitive interface, abundance of features and reliable playback, IPTV-Player.com makes it simple to watch IPTV on your Windows PC. It's a great choice for both home users and business IPTV solutions.

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The Best IPTV-Player.com Alternatives

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Hypnotix, MythTV, FreeTuxTV, TVexe, Red Bull TV, TV-Browser, Zapping, Super Internet TV, anyTV, Pouchin TV Mod are some alternatives to IPTV-Player.com.


Hypnotix is a free, open-source personal video recorder (PVR) software that allows you to watch, record, and manage live TV on your computer. It works by using TV tuner cards or USB tuners to receive television signals and encode them digitally onto your hard drive.Some key features of Hypnotix...


MythTV is a free and open source digital video recorder (DVR) software that allows users to watch and record live TV on their computers. Developed in 2002, MythTV turns a computer into a digital video recorder that can function similarly to set-top boxes from cable or satellite providers.Some key features...


FreeTuxTV is an open source digital video recorder (DVR) and media center application designed specifically for the Linux operating system. It allows users to watch, pause, and record live TV as well as play various media files from local storage or the internet.Some of the key features of FreeTuxTV...


TVexe is a free and open source digital video recorder and media center application for Windows. Developed as an alternative to commercial DVR software like Windows Media Center, TVexe provides an easy way to watch, pause, and record live TV on your computer.Some key features of TVexe include:Intuitive...

Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV is a free digital video service owned and operated by Red Bull Media House. It focuses exclusively on airing content related to adventure sports and high-adrenaline events.The service features both live event broadcasts as well as a vast on-demand video library. Content spans across various adventure...


TV-Browser is an open source program that serves as a TV guide and digital video recorder (DVR) manager. It enables users to browse TV listings, schedule recordings, and organize their personal media libraries.Some key features of TV-Browser include:Browse TV listings from over 100 countriesSet recordings for shows to automatically...


Zapping is an open-source test automation tool designed specifically for testing web applications. It allows users to create automated tests without writing any code. Tests are defined visually by recording user actions on the application under test.Some key features of Zapping include:Graphical user interface to define tests using...

Super Internet TV

Super Internet TV is a streaming media player designed to bring internet video and streaming services to your television. It's a small set-top box that connects to your TV through HDMI and to the internet via WiFi or ethernet.Some key features of Super Internet TV include:Access to popular...


anyTV is an open-source media center application designed to turn your computer into a digital media hub for your home entertainment system. Developed as free software, anyTV lets you play back videos, music, and view images from your local hard drive, external storage devices, and online sources.Some key features...

Pouchin TV Mod

Pouchin TV Mod is a custom firmware designed to be installed on select smart TV models to unlock additional features and personalization options beyond what the stock firmware allows. It offers an enhanced user experience through features like:Improved picture quality with more granular calibration controls for aspects like color...