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Discovering new content

With our drag and drop interface, you can fill all your Buffer queues in seconds. Choose from hundreds of Topics and find amazing content for your followers

  • Social Shares

    We get the social shares from each article, which is useful to see how popular or not the article is

  • Advanced Filters

    You can add filters to find your perfect content, such as date range, social shares and more

  • Re-Tweet

    You can also re-tweet great tweets you may want your followers to see. Again, simply drag and drop the tweet into your twitter profile

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  • Adding

    Quickly add content with our drag and drop tool. Simply drag the content into your social queues.

  • Re-arranging

    You can re-arrange when your posts will be posted, simply by dragging the content in each queue.

  • Deleting

    And of course, you can delete your posts either through this or through Buffer :)

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