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Mobilizer is a visual website builder that allows users to easily create mobile-friendly websites without coding. It has drag-and-drop functionality, templates, and integrates with ecommerce platforms.

What is Mobilizer?

Mobilizer is a user-friendly website builder designed specifically for creating responsive, mobile-friendly websites. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, anyone can build a professional-looking site in just a few minutes without writing any code.

Some key features of Mobilizer include:

  • Over 100 designer-made templates for blogs, online stores, portfolios, and more
  • Fully customizable - colors, fonts, layouts can be changed to fit your brand
  • Mobile editing - build your site directly on your mobile device
  • Built-in SEO tools to improve search ranking
  • Accept payments and integrate with ecommerce platforms like Shopify
  • Photo galleries, contact forms, HD video backgrounds, and other tools
  • Publish to a custom .mobi domain or connect your own domain

With an easy-to-use interface ideal for non-coders, extensive customization options, and strong focus on mobile experience, Mobilizer provides a compelling website building solution to create sites that look great on any device.

The Best Mobilizer Alternatives

Top Apps like Mobilizer

BrowserStack, Endtest, Sauce Labs, pCloudy, CrossBrowserTesting are some alternatives to Mobilizer.


BrowserStack is a comprehensive cross-browser testing and debugging tool used for web and mobile application testing. It allows developers and testers to check their website or application across different browsers, operating systems, and real mobile devices, without needing to have all those environments set up locally.Some key features of...


Endtest is an open-source load and performance testing tool designed for testing web applications. It simulates a large number of concurrent virtual users accessing a web application in order to determine overall system behavior under load.Key features of Endtest include:Ability to simulate thousands of concurrent users from a...

Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a leading cloud-based web and mobile app testing platform used by software teams to ensure quality releases. It provides automated and manual testing capabilities across 2,000+ real browsers, devices and operating systems.Key capabilities include:Performing automated and manual tests across a wide range of browsers, devices and...


pCloudy is a cloud-based test automation platform used by developers and QA teams to test web and mobile applications across a wide range of real devices. Some key features of pCloudy include:Access to over 2,500 real Android and iOS devices hosted in their cloud infrastructureSupports manual and automated testing through...


CrossBrowserTesting is a cloud-based web application testing service that allows developers and quality assurance teams to test their websites and applications across a wide variety of browsers, operating systems, and real mobile and desktop devices. Its key capabilities and benefits include:Test across 1500+ browser and OS combinations including Chrome, Firefox...