icon is a password manager and form filler that allows you to securely store passwords and log in to sites quickly. It has browser extensions, mobile apps, and can sync between devices.

What is is a cross-platform password manager and form filling service that allows individuals and teams to store login credentials, personal information, and payment details securely. It has native apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, as well as browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Some of the key features of ShareYourPass include:

  • Secure encrypted password storage on device and cloud sync
  • Auto password capture and replay for logging into sites
  • Auto form fill for personal info, addresses, and payments
  • Password generator for strong, unique passwords
  • Cloud-based secure sharing of credentials between team members
  • Access on unlimited devices, with apps for all major platforms

ShareYourPass uses industry standard AES-256 bit encryption to protect vault data locally before it syncs via SSL/TLS between devices. It also supports two factor authentication for adding an extra layer of security to the cloud sync process. Overall, ShareYourPass provides a full-featured yet easy-to-use password manager and form filler for securely accessing online accounts from any device or browser.

The Best Alternatives

Top Apps like

BugMeNot, Login2, Yopass, Password Pusher are some alternatives to


BugMeNot is a free web browser extension and web service that provides shared logins and passwords for many popular websites that require registration and login. It has a database of public usernames and passwords that have been contributed by other users.The service allows people to access content on those...


Login2 is an open-source identity and access management solution that provides single sign-on (SSO) and user authentication services. It allows users to log in once using a single set of credentials to access multiple web applications and APIs that are connected to the Login2 server.As an open-source alternative to...


Yopass is an open-source, self-hosted web application that serves as a password manager and secure digital vault. Developed as an alternative to proprietary commercial options, Yopass emphasizes privacy, security, and customizability.At its core, Yopass provides users with a encrypted vault protected by a master password. Within the vault, users...

Password Pusher

Password Pusher is an open-source, self-hosted password manager developed by Passopolis. It allows individuals and teams to securely store passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in an encrypted vault.Key features of Password Pusher include:Secure encryption and decryption of sensitive dataAbility to organize passwords into folders and...