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Welltory is a health analytics app that provides insights into your physical condition, habits, and overall wellbeing. It tracks metrics like heart rate, sleep, activity levels, and stress to offer personalized recommendations for improving health.

What is Welltory?

Welltory is a health and wellness app that offers personalized analytics and recommendations by aggregating and analyzing data on various aspects of your physical condition and lifestyle. The app syncs with wearable devices and smartphones to collect data points including heart rate variability, sleep duration and efficiency, physical activity levels, stress levels based on heart rate, and more.

Welltory uses this data to provide insights through visualized biometric charts, health scores across categories like recovery, readiness to train, immunity, etc., and science-backed tips for improving your energy, sleep, focus, and overall wellbeing over time. Some key features include an energy level tracker showing when you peaked and crashed each day, REM sleep analysis with ratings, actionable advice for better managing stress, and progress reporting toward health goals.

The app aims to serve as a personalized health assistant by revealing how daily habits and behaviors impact aspects like fatigue, mood, cognitive performance, and disease risk. Welltory then offers customized recommendations - for example, ideal times to schedule important tasks based on your circadian rhythm or managing workloads to avoid burnout.

While simple to use for checking up on health stats, Welltory provides more value as a system for receiving cared-for-you, nuanced, and science-supported guidance on day-to-day lifestyle measures that influence overall wellness.

The Best Welltory Alternatives

Top Apps like Welltory

Cardiogram: HR Monitoring, Wellhero, iCare Body Check, My Heart Rate, Instant Heart Rate, Heart Pulse Rate Monitor, Qardio are some alternatives to Welltory.

Cardiogram: HR Monitoring

Cardiogram is a popular health and fitness app focused on heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. It works with consumer wearable devices like Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, and Wear OS to provide deeper insights into a user's health and wellness.The key features of Cardiogram include:Continuous heart rate monitoring...


Wellhero is a digital health and wellness platform founded in 2020 that aims to provide users with personalized programs to improve their overall health and wellbeing. The programs focus on areas like nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, and forming healthy habits.When users first sign up with Wellhero, they fill out...

ICare Body Check

iCare Body Check is a comprehensive health and fitness app focused on helping users track key body measurements and metrics to monitor their fitness journey and progress towards their goals. The app allows you to easily record measurements like weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, hydration levels, and more on...

My Heart Rate

My Heart Rate is a health and fitness mobile application developed by Macroactive that allows users to measure and monitor their heart rate using just their phone's camera. The app uses photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to detect subtle variations in color that occur in the user's fingertip when blood is pumped...

Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is a popular health and fitness app developed by Azumio that allows users to measure their heart rate using only their phone's camera. The app works by using photoplethysmography (PPG) technology to detect blood volume changes in the user's fingertip when it is placed over the camera...

Heart Pulse Rate Monitor

Heart Pulse Rate Monitor is a health and fitness smartphone app that allows users to easily measure and monitor their heart rate over time. Using just the phone's camera, the app can detect subtle color changes in the fingertip that occur with each heartbeat. This is made possible through advanced...


Qardio is a health and wellness platform centered around tracking biometrics and health data through connected devices and mobile applications. Key features of Qardio include:QardioBase - a Bluetooth-enabled smart scale that tracks weight, BMI, body composition metrics, and syncs data to the Qardio mobile app and Apple Health.QardioArm...