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PrimoCache is a caching software that works as a disk cache to boost hard drive speeds. It caches frequently used files and data in RAM to speed up access times. PrimoCache is easy to set up and works automatically in the background once configured.

What is PrimoCache?

PrimoCache is caching software designed to speed up computers by caching frequently accessed files and data in RAM instead of reading from your hard drive each time. It works by monitoring disk activity and remembering what files and applications are used the most.

When those files are needed again, PrimoCache retrieves them from the fast RAM cache instead of the much slower hard drive. This can lead to faster boot times, quicker application launch times, faster file access, and an overall snappier computing experience.

PrimoCache sets up in minutes and runs automatically in the background once configured. It is compatible with both HDDs and SSDs, providing additional speed boosts by caching repeated reads/writes. Key features include:

  • Real-time caching of boot files, applications, games, videos, documents, and more
  • Customizable cache sizes up to 64GB RAM
  • Optimized for persistent (non-volatile) caching using PrimoCache VAS technology
  • Advanced settings for fine-tuning cache performance
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

As an easy-to-use RAM caching solution, PrimoCache helps overcome hard drive limitations by utilizing fast memory to boost speeds without having to replace existing hardware.

The Best PrimoCache Alternatives

Top Apps like PrimoCache

ReadyBoost, MaxVeloSSD, Open Cache Acceleration Software (Open CAS), RapidDisk, Windows Storage Spaces, m/prefetch, HDDTurbo, eBoostr, SuperSpeed RamDisk, Gilisoft RAMDisk are some alternatives to PrimoCache.


ReadyBoost is a performance-enhancement feature introduced by Microsoft in the Windows Vista operating system. It allows Windows to use idle space on USB flash drives and SD cards as extra memory to boost system performance.Here is how ReadyBoost works:When a ReadyBoost-compatible flash drive or SD card is plugged...


MaxVeloSSD is a software designed to optimize solid-state drives (SSDs) in Windows computers. It enables several key features to boost SSD performance and extend drive lifespan.Some of the main features of MaxVeloSSD include:Enabling TRIM support - This allows the SSD to efficiently erase deleted data blocks and maintain...

Open Cache Acceleration Software (Open CAS)

Open CAS is an open source distributed caching software for accelerating applications and reducing load on spinning disks. It works by caching data in the system's RAM or SSD instead of spinning hard drives. This boosts performance by reducing mechanical disk access, allowing high system bandwidth and low latency for...


RapidDisk is a user-friendly cloud storage platform that makes it simple to store, access, and collaborate on files across devices. It offers 1TB of storage space out of the box, with options to upgrade to higher storage tiers if needed.Some key features of RapidDisk include:File synchronization across desktop...

Windows Storage Spaces

Windows Storage Spaces is a storage virtualization technology introduced in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 that allows combining multiple disks into storage pools. It provides an abstraction layer over the physical disks and allows creating virtual disks called storage spaces.Some key features of Storage Spaces:It allows combining different types...


m/prefetch is an open-source JavaScript library that aims to improve website performance by prefetching resources before users request them. It works by analyzing user behavior and usage patterns to predict which assets (images, scripts, stylesheets, etc.) are likely to be needed next.Here's how it works: As users navigate...


HDDTurbo is a hard disk optimization utility designed to maximize disk performance and health. It includes a suite of tools to analyze drive status, defragment files, optimize system settings, and schedule regular upkeep.Key features of HDDTurbo include:Drive status analyzer showing fragmentation levels, file distributions, bad sector detection, and...


eBoostr is a system optimization and cleaning utility software for Windows designed to help speed up and improve the performance of your computer. It provides a variety of system tuning, cleaning, and optimization tools to help keep your computer running smoothly.Key features of eBoostr include:Junk File Cleaner -...

SuperSpeed RamDisk

SuperSpeed RamDisk is a utility application designed to create a virtual hard drive using a computer's RAM (Random Access Memory). By storing data in RAM rather than on a physical hard disk drive, RamDisk aims to provide improved access speeds and performance.When a RamDisk is created, a portion of...

Gilisoft RAMDisk

Gilisoft RAMDisk is a utility program that creates virtual drives on a computer's RAM (random access memory). This allows frequently accessed files and applications to load much faster compared to being stored on a physical hard disk drive.By storing data on a RAM disk rather than a HDD or...