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Tunefish 4

Tunefish 4 is a versatile audio editor for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It allows you to record, edit, and process audio with an intuitive interface. Useful for music production, podcast editing, sound design, and more.

What is Tunefish 4?

Tunefish 4 is a digital audio workstation (DAW) software application designed for recording, editing, and processing audio files. It provides a complete production environment for musicians, podcasters, sound designers, and other audio content creators.

With Tunefish 4, you can record audio directly into the software using microphones, instruments, or other input devices. It comes equipped with a flexible multi-track editor that allows non-destructive editing of audio clips through cutting, copying, pasting, and applying audio effects.

Key features include:

  • Intuitive single-window interface
  • Powerful real-time audio effects engine
  • Support for VST and AU plugins
  • Advanced tools like pitch correction, time stretching, noise reduction
  • Mixing, automation, and metering tools
  • Bounce mixes and exports to MP3, WAV, AIFF, and other formats

Tunefish 4 works smoothly on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. The multi-platform support makes collaboration easy for remote teams. It can handle large projects efficiently thanks to 64-bit audio processing and supports all major audio interfaces.

Whether you are producing your next album, crafting a custom sound palette, or simply cleaning up recordings, Tunefish 4 provides all the necessary tools. Its intuitive workflow and flexibility make it popular choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

The Best Tunefish 4 Alternatives

Top Apps like Tunefish 4

Serum, Sylenth1, Surge Synthesizer, Helm, padthv1, ZynAddSubFX, SynthMaster One, Odin 2, Synth1, Dexed, Oxe FM Synth, TAL-NoiseMaker, synthv1 are some alternatives to Tunefish 4.


Serum is a wavetable software synthesizer plugin produced by Xfer Records. It was released in 2014 and has since become one of the most popular and widely used soft synths for electronic music production.Serum features a intuitive and visual interface that allows users to manipulate the wavetables and create custom...


Sylenth1 is a polyphonic virtual analog synthesizer plugin released in 2006 by the company LennarDigital. Despite being over 15 years old, it remains one of the most popular and best-selling synthesizer plugins due to its high quality sound, efficiency, and intuitive interface and workflow.At its core, Sylenth1 is a subtractive synth...

Surge Synthesizer

Surge Synthesizer is a feature-packed, open-source digital synthesizer plugin for music production. Originally released as a commercial product by Vember Audio in 2005, Surge was acquired and open-sourced by Goodhertz in 2016.At its core, Surge contains a set of synthesizer engines for subtractive, FM, wavetable, analog-style, and other types of sound...


Helm is an open-source packaging tool that helps you install and manage Kubernetes applications. It is developed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).Helm packages Kubernetes resources, like deployments, services, and ingresses, into 'Charts', which are versioned archives that contain all the resource definitions needed to run an application...


padthv1 is an open-source web application that provides similar functionality to Padlet for collaborative posting walls, but is self-hosted rather than a centralized service. It allows real-time collaboration between users by creating virtual walls where anyone with the URL can post textual notes, photos, links, documents, and more.As an...


ZynAddSubFX is an open source software synthesizer for Linux, macOS, and Windows. It was first released in 2002 by Nasca Octavian Paul and has been under active development ever since.ZynAddSubFX features a variety of synthesis methods including subtractive synthesis, additive synthesis, frequency modulation (FM) synthesis, waveform synthesis, and more. It...

SynthMaster One

SynthMaster One is a powerful yet easy-to-use virtual analog software synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac. It features multiple synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Wavesequencing, and more. With its Multi-Synthesis engine, SynthMaster One allows stacking up to 6 oscillators per layer using different synth methods with flexible modulation and routing...

Odin 2

Odin 2 is an open-source, cross-platform synthesizer plug-in developed by The WaveWarden Team. It features a fully modular, node-based architecture that allows for advanced sound design possibilities.Some key features of Odin 2 include:Multiple oscillator types such as analog, wavetable, phase distortion, FM, and moreFlexible routing system for connecting oscillators, filters...


Synth1 is a free and open-source software synthesizer plug-in originally developed by Ichiro Toda for digital audio workstations. First released in 2002, it has become one of the most popular virtual instrument plug-ins for its versatility in sound design and analog-style synthesis.At the core of Synth1 are three oscillators that...


Dexed is an open source FM synthesizer software plugin that emulates the iconic Yamaha DX7 hardware synthesizer from the 1980s. Developed by Digital Suburban, Dexed accurately replicates the DX7's 6-operator FM digital synthesis engine and includes over 144 preset sounds from the original DX7.As an emulation of the DX...

Oxe FM Synth

Oxe FM Synth is a free and open-source FM synthesizer plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can be used as an instrument inside digital audio workstations like Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and more.What sets Oxe FM Synth apart from other FM synths is its intuitive graphical...


TAL-NoiseMaker is a polyphonic, virtual analog subtractive synthesizer plugin developed by TAL Software. It contains several types of oscillators including saw, pulse, noise, FM, and more for creating complex waveforms. There are versatile filter types like LP, HP, BP, notch, and various filter slopes to shape the sound.For modulation...


synthv1 is an open source singing synthesizer and vocal engine software powered by deep learning technology. It provides a graphical user interface that allows users to easily type in lyrics and melody to generate realistic synthetic singing voices. The software uses advanced machine learning algorithms that have been trained on...